"Christine is an outstanding
writer and editor; rock-solid
reliable; an incredible team
player; diplomatic yet witty,
decisive, and real. We depend
on her to deliver the highest
quality content and service
to our VIP clients, who
fall in love with her.”

Stacy Crinks, The Content Bureau


About Christine Kent

Her own story started at daily newspapers in New York
and New Jersey, then newsletter publishers in Northern California. As editor in chief at both Bulldog Reporter and Ragan Communications, Christine set editorial direction
and launched new publications for the marketing and communications industries.

When she joined PR firm Blanc & Otus as its first writing director, Christine applied her newswriting skills to corporate clients. She then brought this vision for content development to her company, Christine Kent Communications, founded in 2001.

Working with clients such as Cisco, LinkedIn, Bechtel, Google, McKesson, Netflix, and Autodesk, as well as creative agencies and PR firms like Bateman Group and The Content Bureau, Christine and her creative colleagues develop content with life and color.

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